zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-24 18:25:24

Collection Vintage of ZV

Let's start by two LP 45 caught this week on ebay. Authentic French released in 1977, can not be closer.

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DarthZ 发表于 2011-2-24 19:44:42

Wow, 元年之物:) Are those still playable :) ... should be...by the way, i have a very old LP player at my home too :)

blooddog 发表于 2011-2-24 21:29:24

EP4 LP released in French in 1977?nice

I only have a 1977 British EP4 movie guide

另外高楼先占个座   :lol

zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-24 22:25:24

Yes still playable. I also kept my old LP player from my childhood :lol just in case. I love those old stuff.a

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luketime 发表于 2011-2-25 22:58:36

The first cover is beautiful!

zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-26 20:34:46

indeed, this is a typical graphic of SW in 1977.

zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-26 20:47:39

A rare dead star released by Palitoy (UK)

zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-26 20:49:03

land of Jawas...1978:)

zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-26 20:51:40

DL 44 Han Solo by Kenner (I throw away the box when I was a kid :Q :L )

zhongvador 发表于 2011-2-26 20:54:03

E-11 bought in 1980 in London (thx Mam!)
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