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“帝国雄心”推出DVD 090107

真是段漫长的等待。Jay Thompson的501军团纪录片“帝国雄心”终于推出DVD了!自从2003年这部电影开始筹备以来,501军团获得了惊人的发展,这段历史被收录在这特别的双碟版里,还有额外的猛料。

好的,坏的,丑陋的.... 只有你看过了DVD,你才能说对501军团有了真正的了解。

访问官方网站 来了解预定详情吧

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Heart of an Empire Now on DVD

by tuskentrooper on Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:43 am

You've waited long enough. Jay Thompson's 501st documentary film, Heart of an Empire, is finally available on DVD! The Legion has grown in amazing ways since this film was conceived in 2003, and much of its fascinating history and development is captured on the new 2-disc set with exclusive insider footage. The good, the bad and the don't know the 501st until you've seen Heart of an Empire. Visit to find out how to order your copy today and be sure to check out Episode 15 of the 501stCast for an interview with director Jay Thompson.

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